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  1. ISPM 15 Fumigation (Quarantine Pre-shipment fumigation for wood packaging material)
  2. Commodity (Stored Food Products) fumigation e.g. rice, cereals, wheat, coffee beans, tobacco
  3. Vessel fumigation (stored products in cargo holds)
  4. Vessel ventilation (removal of fumigant & aeration)
  5. Abatement of post-fumigation residue gas using scrubbers
  6. Conduct of Phosphine Resistance Test

We have the capacity to handle very large scale stored food product fumigation exceeding 10,000 metric tons. Depending on the type of fumigation required, we will advise on the fumigation to be used and the required exposure period for the fumigation process. We will handle your fumigation and fumigation-related services in a professional and safe manner.

One of our key critical success factors is the fast turnaround of paperwork and documentation which enables clients to get on with their work quickly. Our service standards in some of the common work processes are:

• Confirmation of fumigation order – 95% of orders confirmed within 30 mins of receding an order

• Issuance of e-certificates – 95% of fumigation certificates issued with 5 mins of job completion

• Submission of service reports for stored food product fumigation – within 2 days after end of   fumigation cycle


Target Clientele:


  1. Food Storage Facilities (rice, tobacco, spices, coffeebeans, flour etc)
  2. Food manufacturing companies 
  3. Vessels 
  4. Freight/logistics companies