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Types of Pests



  • Appearance:

  • Bees are similar to wasps and hornets however distinguishable from their coloring.
  • Wasps and hornets generally have a much brighter coating as compared to bees.
  • Size range from 2mm to 39mm.

  • Life cycle:

  • Bees go through the typical life cycle stages of insects – developing from the egg stage to larva, pupae and finally to adult stage.

  • A queen bee can have multiple generations in a single year.

  • Behaviour:

  • Bees are the most efficient pollinating insects.
  • Their traits and physiology have co-evolved together with flowers.
  • Bees are generally hive insects and can get defensive to protect their nest.
  • In Singapore, they can be found near housing areas and if disturbed and can defend the nest by stinging.
  • Although a single bee can only sting once after which it would die, a human being would usually get stung multiple times via multiple bees.
  • At times certain individuals are more susceptible to bee stings as they might be allergic to bee sting venom and might go into anaphylactic shock which could be fatal if medical treatment is not administered on time.