Saw-toothed Beetle

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Types of Pests
Saw-toothed Beetle

Saw-toothed Grain Beetle (Oryzaephilus Surinamensis)


  • Adults are unable to fly and must be introduced from contaminated grain.
  • Adults can live for 6 – 10 months.
  • Females lay between 45 – 285 eggs during their lifetime.
  • Eggs are dropped loosely among grain kernels or tucked into a crevice in a kernel.
  • Optimum development takes place around 32°C at a relative humidity of 70% where the life cycle can be completed in 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Adults feed on grain dust and broken kernels.
  • Is not able to feed on sound kernels, but is able to attack even slightly damaged grain. Hence it is regarded as a secondary pest.